McGee Engineering is a Raleigh, NC based structural engineer.

A structural engineer is a professional who is involved in the design and supervision of the construction of all kinds of structures such as houses, theatres, churches, sports stadia, hospitals, bridges, oil rigs, space satellites and office blocks.

Every construction project is unique and involves the expertise of a number of professional people including architects, contractors and a structural engineer. The specialized skills of McGee Engineering's structural engineers includes calculating loads and stresses, investigating the strength of foundations and analyzing the behavior of beams and columns in steel, concrete or other materials to ensure the structure has the strength required to perform its function safely, economically and with a shape and appearance that is visually satisfying. McGee Engineering works closely with the architect, owner and others involved to ensure a smooth transition and that no detail goes unchecked.

In the United States, businesses practicing structural engineering must be licensed in the state(s) in which they practice as Civil Engineers (PE) or in a few states as Structural Engineers (SE). The qualifications for licensure typically include a specified minimum level of practicing experience, as well as the successful completion of a nationally administered exam, and possibly a state-specific exam. McGee Engineering is licensed professional structural engineering firm (PE) located in Raleigh, NC and licensed to work on engineering projects throughout the state of North Carolina.

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