Being structural engineers, McGee Engineering, PLLC analyzes, designs, plans, and researches structural components and structural systems. This work takes account mainly of technical, economic and environmental concerns, but may also consider aesthetic and social factors. Structural engineering is usually considered a specialty discipline within civil engineering, but it can also be studied in its own right. As structural engineers, McGee Engineering, PLLC is currently licensed in the state of North Carolina as civil engineers.

Typical structures designed by McGee Engineering include fine homes, commercial buildings, churches, retaining walls as well as specialty systems. As structural engineers, McGee Engineering ensures that structures are built to be strong enough and stable enough to resist all appropriate structural loads (e.g., gravity, wind, snow, rain, seismic (earthquake), earth pressure, temperature and traffic). They also design structures to be stiff enough to not deflect or vibrate beyond acceptable limits. Fatigue may be an important consideration for bridges and for aircraft design, or for other structures which experience a large number of stress cycles over their lifetime. Consideration is also given to durability of materials against possible deterioration which may impair performance over the design lifetime.

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