Raleigh, NC based structural engineer (PE)—McGee Engineering, PLLC.

What does McGee Engineering, PLLC located in Raleigh, NC do exactly? Basically, we construct. But there is more to it than dreaming up a design and constructing it. When you look at a construction - a bridge, church, concert hall, or a block of apartment complexes - you may not see an apparent similarity with one of nature's finest examples of structural engineering - the human body. But the similarity is there. The central strength of the body lies in the skeleton, the hidden framework that supports our shape and is integral to our ability to function. Without it we would collapse. To our firm's structural engineers, the same considerations of strength, shape and function are paramount in the conception of the framework of a structure.

Then upon our client's choice of appropriate construction materials - such as steel, brick, concrete or timber - McGee Engineering's team of structural engineers design the structure and make all the necessary checks and calculations to ensure that the foundations will be sound, that the floors and roof will resist gravity/lateral loads and that the construction as a whole will remain safe and serviceable for the length of its intended lifetime.

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